One of the major dental problems that the people from all walks of life are facing is Shaking Teeth. It not only badly affects one's chewing capacity and aesthetics but also hampers an individual’s capability to speak thereby demoralizing them.

Though there are many factors that contribute to the condition of shaking teeth, one of the major reasons is advanced gum disease (Periodontal Disease). Most individuals are unaware of the sleeping danger that silently lurks in Periodontal Diseases. Many periodontal diseases are symptomless and painless in the initial stages. Unfortunately, without the individual being aware, the disease quickly progresses and results in shaking teeth. Most of the time, patients only seek help from a professional doctor when the disease advances to the tooth shaking stage. In a way, it can be said that lack of awareness is the number one cause of shaking teeth. Once a patient reaches the stage of tooth shaking, stabilizing the tooth is the optimal mode of treatment as it restores strength to the teeth, confidence to the patient as well as functional stability and aesthetics.

The general life span across the globe has been increasing with the number of people categorized under the banner of aged communities shooting up. It is only natural for an individual’s teeth and gum to be subjected to bacterial insults, mechanical wearing, effects of systemic impairment, challenges in maintenance, etc over such a long lifespan. This means that the possibility of such aged individuals to develop mobility in teeth is markedly high. Teeth stabilizing treatments help secure an individual’s original teeth thus restoring functioning while retaining the natural tooth.

There is also a drastic increase in the number of diabetic patients worldwide, in fact, the situation is alarming. Diabetes is a great contributor to erosion of periodontal health which ultimately leads to shaking teeth.

It is not a secret that every individual would like to retain their natural teeth in a healthy condition for as long as possible. It was with this conviction that I began focusing my professional efforts to stabilizing teeth in a noble and humble attempt to restore personal oral health.